5 Months: Rolling to Side


Q: What happens when a baby brings hands to knees and then weight shifts or looks to the side? 

A: Her whole body rolls to the side and she learns to control it and use it for function.

Around 5-6 months, this little one has learned to initiate some big movements like pushing up onto hands while on her stomach and grabbing knees and feet while on her back.  She is busy reaching and looking around.  Combining foundation skills such as hands to knees and weight shifts, larger movements begin to evolve, like rolling from back to side (otherwise known as supine to sidelying).

What is happening as she rolls from supine to sidelying?

  • Using and refining balance of flexion and extension against more demand.
  • Using and controlling lateral weight shifting.
  • Learning direction specific response of head position and balance responses during lateral flexion.
  • vestibular input from rolling and moving through space.
  • Larger excursion reaching.