5 Months: Feet to Mouth

Your 5-month-old just learned to lift his feet from the ground and grab them with his hands.  What’s next?  Putting the toes into the mouth, of course!

This is such a sweet phase of development.  Here is a quick review of the other amazing things that are happening as your baby pulls his toes into his mouth.

  • Activated abdominal muscles!  As you can see from the wrinkles on this baby’s tummy, the core muscles are firing and lifting the legs off the ground.
  • Developing and strengthening downward visual gaze.
  • Grasping and pulling with either one or both arms and hands.
  • Activating quadriceps muscles as the leg straightens.
  • Stretching out hamstrings from the physiological flexion present at birth.
  • Stretching the toes into extension.
  • Foot desensitization (with the heel pounding that happens when the feet hit the floor again).
  • Tactile input from mouthing, grabbing, stretching; preparing the feet for walking.
  • Developing general body awareness.

When a baby discovers this position, they are becoming experts at rolling to their side.